Our Doggy Treats

We pride ourselves on making delicious and nutritious treats for your dog.


We are proud to introduce our brand new product: a selection box containing a variety of our treats!

Each pack includes 4 Fat Jack's Flapjacks (2 cheese and 2 cod liver oil), 2 Cheesy Feet, 2 Butter Bones, 2 Liver Coins and 8 Lucky Dog Drops (4 liver and 4 cheese).
(lots per pack!)

Loved Pup

All Loved Pup are our special heart-shaped biscuits, each one filled with apple, honey and love! They're only small so are perfect for dogs of any size, and come with a unique heart ribbon making them perfect for gifts or Valentine's Day! Size of treats: 4cm X 3.5cm £2.99
(200g - lots of treats)

All Loved Pup are: suitable for vegetarians - gluten free - dairy free - wheat free

Lucky Dog

These tiny treats are perfect to be used for training, and these tasty flavours will have your dog begging to behave! Our tasty recipes really appeal to your dog, making them more willing to listen, and the small size means you can dish them out all day long without feeling guilty! Each tiny treat is approx 1cm X 1cm. £2.99
(approx 200 treats)

Cheese drops are: - suitable for vegetarians
Liver drops are: - wheat gluten - gluten free - dairy free

Butter Bones
These are stuffed full with peanut butter, honey and vegetables to make deliciously healthy but sweet treats! £2.99
(150g - approx 11 bones)

Butter Bones are: dairy free - gluten free - wheat free - suitable for vegetarians

Cheesy Feet
These crunchy cheesy feet are perfect for dogs of any size, and are much nicer than their name suggests! Each foot is approx 6cm X 4cm. £2.75
(100g - approx 13 feet)

Cheesy Feet are: suitable for vegetarians

Liver Coins
For dogs that enjoy a taste of the wild, Liver Coins are a perfect way to buy your dog's happiness! These have proved a firm favourite with our doggie taste-testers and will have your dog drooling as soon as he smells them. Each coin is 4.5cm X 4.5cm £2.75
(100g - approx 12 coins)

Liver Coins are: wheat free - gluten free - dairy free

Fat Jack's

Specially designed so that those curvaceous pooches who are trying to shed a few pounds can still enjoy the odd treat, Fat Jack's Flapjacks come in two different flavours. These are tailor made so they can be enjoyed by overweight or elderly dogs, with one containing cod liver oil not only for taste but to help improve joints and fitness too! Don't think that just because they're incredibly healthy they won't have great taste; they've all been tried and tested by our doggie taste-testers and met with great slobbery enthusiasm! Each flap jack is 3.5cm X 3.5cm £2.75
(100g - approx 15 pieces)

Cod liver oil flapjacks are: - wheat free - dairy free - gluten free
Cheese flapjacks are: - wheat free - gluten free - suitable for vegetarians

Fruity Honey

These are perfect for Birthdays and other special occasions and are one of Kasper's favourites - they always make him smile! They will need to be eaten quickly (within three days when stored in the fridge) but we guarantee your dog won't object to that! Raspberry, Blackberry or Broccoli icing sandwiched between two sweet honey biscuits, we guarantee your dog will love these!

To be bought fresh from the market stall until further notice check our Latest News for details!
(4 cookies)

Fruity Honey Cookies are: suitable for vegetarians