Who We Are

We are Scarlet, Lyle and (most importantly) Kasper.

Scarlet has been passionate about animals all her life and over the years has cared for many pets, including rats, hissing cockroaches and chickens!

Lyle's talent lies in baking all sorts of weird and wonderful things (vegan scrambled egg and quiche being perhaps the weirdest!) and also enjoys playing video games.

Kasper is our unruly and full-of-fun Border Collie cross Springer Spaniel. We adopted him when he was 9 months old and at the time of writing this he is coming up to 18 months old. He is absolutely fantastic with just a few flaws, and his main hobbies are shredding cardboard boxes (or anything really!) and chasing cats - oh and testing all the doggy treats that pass through his kitchen of course!

The idea for Kasper's Kitchen came about thanks to two things; Kasper's sensitive stomach and his picky nature with almost all other treats on the market! We knew from doing extensive research into the contents of dog food and treats that the majority of treats were unhealthy, and so decided to use our interests in animals and baking to our advantage!

We came up with a range of dog biscuits that were not only incredibly healthy but which our dog would actually accept and enjoy too - and he's yet to turn one down! And thus Kasper's Kitchen was born.


Kasper testing a recipe Stress testing our packaging Begging for more!